Barrier Free Furniture™ and Barrier Free Seating™ brand categories.  Barrier Free Seating™ is at the core of the Freedom Chair™ Assistive Seating Technology System (A.S.T.)

These products and systems incorporate clinically superior assistive technologies which contribute to an enhanced life and serve a very important need for individuals facing movement challenges whether from movement disorders, disabilities or that naturally occur within the growing population aging-in-place.

INTRODUCING: All New TITAN Adjustable Tables by ComforTek, a part of our Barrier Free Furniture™ line of assistive furniture.  These adjustable tables are specially designed to make the dining experience more accessible for individuals in Assisted Living, Rehab, Assisted Dining and in the home environment as well.

Our design team is always researching and seeking out new assistive technologies for the dining environments of Assisted Living and aging in place as well as for Rehab and individuals with movement disorders.  More information is on the way… call for details 804-339-7014

Movewell Medical offers numerous Barrier Free Furniture™ and Barrier Free Seating™ options for the home, independent and assisted living, with applications in nursing and rehab as well as physical and occupational therapy.  Not just for the health care market, our systems are perfect for hospitality applications as well.  Whether your need is to provide accessible seating for a hotel dining room or on a cruise ship, you will be amazed at what these systems do to make the experience of your customers more enjoyable, simpler and safer.

These seating systems will change the way you think about seating.  Barrier Free Seating™ incorporates assistive technologies that overcome or remove the barriers presented by a traditional chair. Barrier Free Seating™ systems researched and marketed by Movewell Medical overcome these barriers by providing a solid and safe foundation for the chair, while also creating a safe movement, which provides assistance and accessibility where other chairs create a barrier.  As with the elements of barrier free design for the home, Barrier Free Seating™ involves safer access to the seating environment for dining, activities and many other uses, generally where it is important for the individual to be seated at a table.  This Barrier Free Seating™ makes it easier for an individual to transfer to a traditional seating environment (ie… a dining room chair) when otherwise that process is too cumbersome, difficult, and often unsafe both for the individual and their caregiver.

We are continuously conducting market research to help determine how to overcome the barriers facing that individuals with movement challenges including those with movement disorders, disabilities and individuals simply looking for safer environments for aging-in-place.  Many of our clinically superior chairs and systems are utilized by individuals with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s to help them overcome the challenges they deal with on a daily basis.

If you have any questions about any of our products or their potential uses and benefits, please call us at 804-339-7014 or simply complete one a Contact form and we will respond to you via e-mail, usually within 24 hours.

Now Available: ROYAL-EZ Assistive seating system…

Titan Model with ROYAL-EZ introductory Priced at $329 (plus shipping and tax)

ROYAL-EZ add-on device – attaches to most dining room chairs, making your own chair an assistive chair… introductory Priced at $129 – Call 804-339-7014

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Movewell Medical supports Parkinson’s, Stroke, and Caregiver support groups with a program on Fall Prevention, Movement Disorders, Injuries and Removing Barriers.   If you are involved with a Support Group and would like someone to visit your group, please contact John Polson: 804-339-7014 or email:

New addition to our Assistive Seating lineup is the ROYAL-EZ assistive device.  This simple wheel / lever attachment can be added on to most dining room chairs which converts it to an assistive chair making it easier and safer to get someone into a seated position at a table.  This is an affordable product that does not require the replacement of your home furniture, while chair models can be purchased with this device pre-mounted.  This product is an outstanding caregiver centric assistive product that works well in Assisted Living dining and in the home.

The ROYAL-EZLift Recliners, TITAN adjustable tables for dining and Specialty Seating Cushions are GREAT Gifts!

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To provide individuals and the facilities in which they live access to Barrier Free Seating ™, Barrier Free Furniture ™systems and clinically superior assistive and fall prevention products that contribute to a safer and more functional living environment.

 At Move Well Medical, we value high quality customer service while being thoughtful of the needs of individuals and their caregivers and being a trusted partner for the facilities and patients that use our products.  We actively seek out those products and technologies that contribute to a renewal of spirit in the individual and their caregivers.

Whether you are an individual with special needs to address accessibility, barriers and mobility within your home, an Assisted Living facility with a need for dining room furniture, or a Rehab facility and/ or Physical and Occupational therapy programs, we have products that are designed to help you, your patients and caregivers. In addition to helping a growing population to age in place, many of our products assist individuals with movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, ALS, MS as well as victims of stroke or those suffering from traumatic injury or recovering from surgery.

Our Barrier Free Seating lines represents a breakthrough in the realm of barrier free design as it applies to seating.   Experiencing Barrier Free Seating in-person will change the way you think about seating.  By incorporating a simple technology the Barrier Free Seating series of chairs provide access and safety for individuals that might otherwise face a challenge getting into or out of a seated position at or near a table  whether for dining, crafts, games and recreational activities or any other function or activity.  Barrier Free Seating effectively eliminates barriers that affect individuals that are aging, those with any level of physical disability and / or movement disorders such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, ALS, or recovering from surgery or having suffered a stroke.

By design, the Barrier Free Seating allows the individual to be safely seated at a comfortable position at a table for eating or whatever the activity.

No other product available does what Barrier Free Seating does with such a simple and effective technology.

Barrier Free Seating models are perfect as a highly functional dining chair and rehab seating system that can help with the basic need of accessing seating at a table, easing transfer from walker or wheelchair, reducing falls and injuries to individuals and caregivers.  These chairs work great for Rehab and O/T as well as elegant styles specifically designed for home and Assisted and Independent Living dining facilities.

The science behind Barrier Free Seating is developed to 1) reduce falls and 2) reduce lower back injuries of the caregivers and 3) safely and easily restore dignity for an individual, enabling them to sit at a table and have that experience in a normal dining room chair – NOT a wheelchair.

If you are with a facility or are a caregiver, we are confident that your clients, facilities, your residents and caregivers will be excited about this and many of our other products.

Other feature products we carry include a totally new and clinically superior Lift Seat Recliner, plus the TITAN adjustable dining table by ComforTEK.

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Facilities may qualify for our Lease Program that helps to ensure a healthy balance sheet and offers numerous advantages for larger volume purchases.

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