Mobility + Comfort = Movewell Medical

Whether you are an individual with special needs to address accessibility and mobility within your home, an Assisted Living facility with a need for dining room furniture, or a rehab facility with Physical and Occupational therapy programs, we have products that are designed to help you, your patients and caregivers.

It is our mission to provide individuals and the facilities in which they live access to Barrier Free Seating ™Barrier Free Furniture ™ systems and clinically superior assistive and fall risk mitigation products that contribute to a safer and more functional living environment.

Products for Every Type of Care


Products for the caregivers to effectively and efficiently move loved ones and patients into and out of everyday activities.

Assisted Living

Products for assisted living facilities to increase patient mobility and reduce employee injury.

Rehab Centers

Products for rehabilitation centers to provide comfort and access for patients in recovery.

Independent Living

Products for people with disabilities living alone at home to maintain their freedom and independence.

Products for Every Mobility Need