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Core to our mission at Movewell Medical is providing access to clinically superior Power Mobility products and technologies for Dealers wishing to serve those individuals aging in place.  That includes especially those individuals wishing to remain for as long as possible and get the most out of their lives by living in their own home.  If given the choice, many individuals wish to stay in their own home living environment as long as possible and that is where they can have the fullest life experience and independence.  Whether in an apartment type community or single family homes most wish to enjoy the most at home environment where they can enjoy the fullest life.

Movewell Medical provides dealers an opportunity to provide their customers with Power Mobility products with financing through Movewell Credit that might not otherwise be able to obtain them.

The Mobility Products we offer with financing provided by Movewell Credit enables Dealers a way to put the power back into the hands of their customers to obtain Power Mobility products that feature technologies that are all designed to help those individuals stay and age in place for as long as possible, often years longer than is possible without these technologies.  These Power Mobility products and technologies are made by the most trusted and best known brands in the industry.  

With the caregiver in mind, Power Mobility can restore an individual’s function in their home environment, by reducing the risks associated with falls, with strenuous unnecessary lifting and unsafe transfers.  The caregiver is often a loved one, sometimes the spouse, sometimes a daughter or son and often someone that makes a large commitment of their own time and energy to provide assistance and love to provide the best possible environment for the aging individual.
These Mobility Systems are an essential tool for the home to enable the individual to experience dignity and freedom and maximize the of benefits of Aging-In-Place.  By utilizing these systems in the home, individuals can now enjoy mobility that may otherwise have already become too difficult or in some cases may now be finding it too dangerous for either the individual or the caregiver, or perhaps both.