Invacare Pronto M-41 Powerchair

$5,676.00 $3,499.00

Featuring high-efficiency in-line motors for greater speed and longer battery range and simplified Invacare SureStep Suspension for stability and maneuverability, the Invacare Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair offers a compact, reliable ride in a stylish design.


  • High-efficiency motors provide longer battery range
  • Compact size for tight turning radius
  • Simplified SureStep suspension keeps six wheels on the ground for smooth driving and stability
  • Convenient charger connection located on joystick for easy access


Base Width: 24.25″
Base Length: 33.75″
Overall Height: 33″
Turning Radius: 19.5″
Speed: 4.8 mph
Range: 17 miles
Product Weight Capacity: 300 lb.
Product Weight: Total mass with batteries: 157 lb.Base weight without batteries: 76 lb.
Incline Capability: 10 degrees


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