The Cost of a Fall

What is the true cost of a fall?

Here you will find information for public safety and some answers to questions about the role of assistive technologies such as the Barrier Free Seating technology in the home and post-acute care environment.  Whether you or a loved one have suffered a fall or you know someone who has, we can all relate to the dangers and what it means to lose our independence.

 Cost of Falls Among Older Adults:

  • according to CDC reports from 2012, the total direct medical costs of falls in older adults, adjusted for inflation were $30 billion. 2.4 Million non-fatal fall injuries required emergency room treatments and over 33% of these required hospitalization.
  • For each of those 2.4 Million falls, the average direct medical cost for treating the injuries related to the fall were over $12,000 per fall.
  • Also in this report:
    • In 2002, about 22% of community-dwelling seniors reported having fallen in the previous year. Medicare costs per fall averaged between $13,797 and $20,450 (in 2012 dollars).

These statistics are limited only to the financial costs…factual and quantified in dollars.  The true costs are what these falls mean to the quality of life for the individual, the impact on their caregivers, on their level of enjoyment of life and often the subsequent further limitations that occur from the naturally occurring fear of suffering from another fall and the social isolation that follows.

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Falls Among Older Adults: An Overview:
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