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Movewell Credit is a long awaited solution enabling your customers to purchase the Mobility and accessibility that they need with affordable monthly payments, and no money down* for qualified borrowers. By combining access to the finest in power mobility from the best brands and companies in the business with low cost financing options, Movewell Credit gives you the power to put mobility INTO the hands of your customers.

The low cost financing options available for DME dealers and customers plus high approval ratings presents sales opportunities that never existed before. Movewell Credit is the channel that provides your business an opportunity to achieve exponential sales growth in this HIGH need, under-served market.

Power Mobility is a significant purchase for many individuals. The options for ownership now available through Movewell Credit allow you to meet the need of your customers for years to come and generate MORE sales and business opportunities with each step of the relationship.

Movewell Credit’s easy online application allows your dealers to conduct transactions with their customers with approvals delivered in seconds.

You have access to the reports you need to help run your business, help keep track of your transaction records and follow the success of your dealers.

With 20 + years in the power mobility industry, we look forward to being your partner to help power sales and service for your customers to a whole new level and grow your business to new heights.

Not just for the health care market, our systems are perfect for hospitality applications as well.  Whether your need is to provide accessible seating for a hotel dining room or on a cruise ship, you will be amazed at what these systems do to make the experience of your customers more enjoyable, simpler and safer.

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Movewell Medical Sponsors Wheelchair Basketball at Paralympic Experience Day

Movewell Medical, LLC Vendor Sponsor for Wheelchair Basketball at Paralympic Experience Day April 2014. VCU’s Siegel Center.